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Molson Presents Hockey Night in Canada Multilingual Edition
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Saturday April 17TH

Hockey like you have
never heard it before

Join us on April 17th to watch
Canada’s game streamed in 7 languages

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More Canadians will hear hockey called in their own language

Hockey is more than a sport in Canada; it’s part of culture, tradition and identity when you think of being Canadian. For the approximately 350,000 people who are new to Canada each year, hockey can be a way to forge new connections with their communities and unite them with their new home – but, following a fast-paced sport with a lingo of its own sure can be challenging at first. That’s why for the first time in the long-storied history of our nation’s Saturday night hockey tradition, Molson Canadian in partnership with Sportsnet is presenting Hockey Night in Canada in 7 additional languages.

Headshot of Randip Janda, Sportsnet

“My relationship with the sport of hockey began when I was a child. I remember watching the sport with my family in our living room and talking about it. Not in English, but in Punjabi. I’m now able to share the sport I love in the Punjabi language every week.

Our unique backgrounds and languages add to the social fabric of this country. Canada’s game should be no different. Being able to hear hockey in a variety of languages is what makes our country special. Each language brings its own special relationship with and passion for the sport of hockey. The words may be different but the message is the same: hockey speaks to each and every one of us.”

Randip Janda, Sportsnet

Stream the following games in multiple languages
on April 17.

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